International Mountain Expedition: (Location/activity TBD by instructor) | Prescott College

International Mountain Expedition: (Location/activity TBD by instructor)

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PREREQUISITES: Current WFR, experience at altitude, Spanish language skills and prior whitewater exposure (all recommended). LD: Instructor signature required; significant backcountry travel experience, plus basic rock climbing skills; UD: Instructor signature required; Alpine Mountaineering or snow/glacier experience demonstrated in a climbing logbook.


This intensive, field based course is appropriate for intermediate and advanced students with solid backgrounds in extended backcountry travel in mountain environments. The focus is on implementation of a self-contained mountain expedition in a foreign country. The course will include the exploration of regional cultures, geography, and ascents of appropriate mountaineering objectives. The expectation is that students will be building on existing skills and knowledge. Topics to be covered include: expedition planning and logistics, itinerary development, area-specific technical skills, safety and hazard evaluation, place-based natural history and cultural studies, and leadership.